A year to remember …

Our yarn bombing project from Knit in the Park 2010

An excerpt from Joie …

I remember it as if it was only yesterday……..my house the day after meeting on some show at Riverview ( which by the way, there is no river view ).  Who would have ever thought that one year later an idea nurtured by the love and hard work of you both, would end up with a one year celebration.
… this idea, with the love, laughter and learning to people that would have never noticed one another on the streets is something to really be proud of.
so here on this day, Sunday, October 17th, 2010, I will rise a glass to celebrate knit 1 take 2 and the wonderful people who have weaved their way into your hearts.

Yes, looking back I think we are all stunned and impressed with the difference a year can make in our lives. It’s hard to believe we’re a year old today. So much has changed and we have all accomplished so much. We started with a simple plan to knit, laugh, learn, and share. And as Anne so eloquently put it, we have evolved into a group that “meets about knitting and connects about community”. We’d like to take this time to thank all of you for coming out to our meetings and allowing us the opportunity to knit, laugh, learn, and share with you. We truly appreciate it.

We have seen so much happen in a year … good times and not quite so good times, we’ve had members go and more come to replace them, we’ve had a marriage and even a birth (and our future youngest knitter), and we’ve had someone go from casting on their first stitch (literally) to completing two sweaters for her children. We have completed four blankets (and continuing to work on more) and donated a few dozen individual items (hats, sweaters, scarves) to local charities and people in need. It’s great to see what can happen when a community of strangers united by a common thread (or yarn) can accomplish when they get together. Here’s looking forward to the next year and all the stitches it will bring! Here’s just a very small sampling of some of the memories forever knit into our hearts …

Yarn over and out!