Keeping you on your toes …

The T2’s were in the final week of sock work today and so had to learn the toe decreases and the Kitchener stitch. Since there is no need to reinvent the wheel, here are two links that show how to do each part. Once you have the concept of the toe decrease down, you can customize the shape of the sock by working your decreases accordingly. If the sock is for you you can customize the fit exactly and even make a left and right sock by varying the decreases on each side of the foot. Remember to try them on as you go to make sure the fit is exact. When working with socks it is a good idea always to try them on when possible as they stretch when you put them on. If you’re measuring only, you won’t get an accurate measurement. Here are two links to a post I created a while back in a previous sock knit along.

Wedge Toe Decrease

Kitchener Stitch

When doing the Kitchener stitch, remember the mantra after the setup – Knit – Off – Purl – Purl – Off – Knit. If you finish your socks bring them next week for the show and tell. We’d love to see what you did!

Yarn over and out,