How to Create a Chart from a Picture

Join our first online knit along! More details on our FaceBook page and here is a wrap up video of our first week:

Hat in Bloom –Knit 1 project

Here is the pattern from Red Heart with Elaine’s tips and suggestions –a huge thank you to Elaine for leading this project and putting together the pattern notes!

Hat in Bloom Pattern &Tips

You can check out pictures on our facebook page –and while you are there,like the page!


Content Continental …

Your mother might have told you not to pick at your food,but hopefully she didn’t tell you the same thing about your knitting. You see,in knitting,picking is a good thing. There are actually several methods of knitting,and one of the most common is called Continental knitting. It’s also referred [...]

Keeping you on your toes …

The T2′s were in the final week of sock work today and so had to learn the toe decreases and the Kitchener stitch. Since there is no need to reinvent the wheel,here are two links that show how to do each part. Once you have the concept of the toe decrease down,[...]

Sock it to them ...Sock it to them …

* UPDATE –After the second group on Sunday,Anne came up with a way of knitting on 2 circulars that is quite a bit easier than the one in the links below,and that was shown. Here is a video by Cat Bordhi demonstrating the technique …

Ever wanted [...]