When we formed this group, we thought about how we could have members give back in order to create a balance for the free information they were getting.  What we came up with was donating knitted items to the community. What better way to warm a heart than with a handmade toque, scarf or blanket? We ask that each member of our group contribute to our community project and make one item per month if they are able. The item can be as simple as one of the 8×8″ squares, or a full sweater for a toddler. The squares will go towards the blanket project, and other completed items will be given to the PURPOSE SOCIETY. All donations are appreciated and welcomed.

Yarn: Please use easy care yarns (acrylic or acrylic blends tend to work best), or super wash wool, preferably worsted weight.

Blanket project: If you would like to contribute to the blanket project, make an 8×8″ square. We will sew the squares together to make cozy blankets. If you need a pattern, we have simple directions available – or choose a pattern from the stitch book and try something new. Please add one selvage row to each side of your square (we can show you how!) and darn in the tails on each end to assist us with assembly of the blanket.

Bring your donation to our weekly meeting’s Show and Tell.

Our first completed blanket!

With your help and continued support, we will strive to make a difference.


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