How to Create a Chart from a Picture

Join our first online knit along! More details on our FaceBook page and here is a wrap up video of our first week:

A year to remember …

Our yarn bombing project from Knit in the Park 2010

An excerpt from Joie …

OMG!!!!!! I remember it as if it was only yesterday…… house the day after meeting on some show at Riverview ( which by the way,there is no river view ). Who would have ever thought [...]

Interlaced - working Entrelac!Interlaced –working Entrelac!

The back of an Entrelac Scarf using 4 colors

Continuing with our working with color series,we’re going to delve into the world of Entrelac knitting. Entrelac is a French word,translating to mean interlaced in English. It is a unique thing in knitting,as it is a texture and a [...]